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Active Open Source Projects

I am actively working on a couple of open source projects:

One of my roles for Ubicom is to help develop the IP2022 port of gcc. This is quite an unusual port because there are no other (that I'm aware of) accumulator-based processor ports of gcc available, or at least none for which gcc is the optimizing compiler of choice. The IP2022 port has some very unusual characteristics which I aim to write about in the future.

I have always had something of a fascination with graphics programming, and have recently (July 2002) started the ubicom-framebuf project to provide graphics libraries, including remote, network-accessed, frame buffer support for the Ubicom IP2022.

Old Open Source Projects

I have either started or been involved with quite a few open source developments over the years and will put together a full list soemtime soon. For now I'll just list the major ones: Liquorice (RTOS and TCP/IP stack for 8-bit and larger systems), VSTa (very cool microkernel OS developed by Andy Valencia) and mkdosfs (Linux filesystem utils).


On occasion I have been known to write about what I do:

Efficient C Code For Resource Constrained Systems. This is the first release of something that I intend to evolve over time...

Dave's C Coding Rules. A short set of guidelines upon which I base any of my own C projects.

Software Vital In Net-Linked MCU Apps. This is an article I wrote for EETimes (2001-05-21 edition). Sadly the published article was somewhat truncated, but I don't think the full version is available anywhere just yet.